Digital Banking Transformation for Millenials Financial Trend

Industrial revolution 4.0 affects lifestyles and influences the millennials financial. Banking transactions have to adapt this situation in order to ensure their suistainability as big part of financial lifestyle for millennials nowadays. The existence of e-finances and e-commerces with non bank institutions are the real new challenge for banking business. Thus, banks have to transforming their business engine into digital base.

This transformation requires deep analysis and high technology with ultimate security system. Digital banking with financial transactions have to provide millennials lifestyle which is high mobility, tech oriented and needs simplicity. Thus, bank that want to transform from the conventional banking into digital banking, have to invest high number in research and development, in adition to develop secure technology in systems. Nowadays, many banks have started the transformation in digital banking. Most of them start the transformation by develop digital product, such us mobile banking and internet banking. But, there are banks that trying to totally transform, from traditional conventional bank into fully digital banking such as BTPN (JENIUS) and DBS. They try to combine e-finance and banking transactions as the unique value proposition in their products. They modify their core system into latest technology to provide the services in products. In the other hand, the evolution of people management are seriously challenging things for ensure the transformation could work properly. And it couldn’t be easy for the companies.

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