UAE the employers market

So many people go to find work, and many very experienced and talented people really struggle to find new positions. The UAE is one of the countries known for its rich oil and home to millions of foreign workers of all levels and nationalities, lured by tax-free salaries and year-round sunshine. The majority of foreigners live in major business centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the latter being the main tourist destination famous for its beach resorts, towering buildings and luxury shopping centers.
Expatriates have helped build and fill the UAE, which in 1980 was home to nearly one million people [1], compared to 9.5 million today. Over the years, this country has been known as a place where professionals can get high salaries and generous packages that include housing, education, health care, cars and travel. This allows expatriates who are wise to save, while other people adhere to a high-class lifestyle.
But like other Gulf countries, the current UAE economy has been under considerable pressure in recent years due to falling oil prices, which has caused a decline in the real estate sector and pressure on salaries.

Oil reduction mandated by OPEC [2] as well as geopolitical factors such as the diplomatic fallout with Qatar and US sanctions imposed on Iran that have affected the business movements of the Middle East, especially in Dubai.
According to calculations on IMF paper, UAE GDP growth for 2019 is estimated at 3.7% healthy [3], but according to the Dubai Economic Tracking Index, published in November by Emirates local bank NBD, private sector growth fell to the lowest level in two half a year and the employment index contracted for the second consecutive month. So that these conditions can disrupt the development of the UAE.


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